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I.T.B. seamless pasting machine belts have been developed in close co-operation with battery manufacturers, taking into consideration all the problems connected with the pasting process.

Until now all pasting belts were woven open-ended: the two fabric ends
were then sewn and glued to get a ring-shaped belt.

Now, according to our patented manufacturing system, belts come out "endless" from our production lines and need no further seam or splice.

The advantages of this construction are obvious:

  • The belt, which is made of cotton and synthetic fibres, has the same strength in all its points and the well-known "seam break zone" does no longer exist; The belt has the same thickness and surface smoothness throughout its circumference and this means a better pasting and improved active material distribution on battery grids.
  • Water absorption is uniform in every point of the belt since no glue is used for seam purposes; the seamless belt has a remarkable stretching load, therefore its dimensional stability is excellent throughout the whole life;
  • The belt runs straight on the pasting machine and does not move towards one side or another one because it is perfectly cylindrical; length and width do not change even under heavy working conditions, so belts can work hardly but in no case create slipping problems on the pasting machine rolls.
  • The belt life-time proved to be three to four times longer when compared with traditional spliced belts.

After ten years of continuously improving performance in the battery industry world-wide, our I.T.B. seamless belts are now performing at the level of 1,2 to 1,5 millions double negative plates per belt and 2,2 to 2,5 millions double positive plates per belt, a production three to four times greater than the one obtained by traditional spliced cotton belts.

This excellent performance is reached thanks to unique properties of our patented belt and is achieved by all customers of ours, even when using different types of pastes and different types of pasting machines.

We will be glad to receive your inquiries (please use the FEED BACK FORM in this web site) on specific sizes currently used at your plant; we will be then able to submit also our best offer in accordance with your specific requirements.

Most common sizes
Length Width
100” 12” to 18”
101” 12” to 18”
153,5” 20” to 32”
Other sizes are manufactured upon customer request.

For additional information on I.T.B. pasting belts please read the attached data sheets

The Quality System of Industrie Tessili Bresciane S.p.A. conforms to  UNI EN ISO  9001:2000

To learn more about belt pasting please read the article recently published on Batteries International


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