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Battery components

Products for the Battery Industry:

TERMAR offer the following high-quality battery components:

  • PERFORATED AND CORRUGATED PVC SEPARATORS AND SPACERS, for lead-acid and alkaline batteries. They are manufactured in stabilised polyvinyl chloride without plasticizer and therefore resist perfectly the acid electrolyte of lead accumulators as well as the solution of alkaline accumulators.
    Perforated material is available in sheets or rolls, with hole diameters varying from 1,4 to 3,5 mm and vacuum percentages from 40 to 63%. Sheets and rolls are available in various widths up to 600 mm if corrugated and up to 1000 mm if flat.

    Separators are available in a wide range of thicknesses (from 0,25 to 5,5 mm) and finishings:
    • simple separators (100% perforation)
    • unperforated lateral selvedge
    • lower and upper unperforated selvedge
    • envelope form with unperforated lateral selvedges.
  • U-SHAPED PVC FRAMES for insulating edges of negative plates.
  • EXTENSIBLE, PROTECTIVE TUBULAR NETS, extruded in tubular form from plastic material.
    It is very flexible and fits perfectly to lead vertical conductors and cell poles.
    It is unaffected by sulphuric acid.

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