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Products for the Battery Industry:

- Absorptive glass microfibre (AGM) separators for sealed lead acid batteries

BERNARD DUMAS (Creysse - France), leading manufacturer of absorptive glass microfibre separators in Europe, offers a range of AGM SEPARATORS to satisfy the most stringent requirements of VRLA battery manufacturers.

Special high quality glass microfibres are used in the production of B. DUMAS absorptive separators, designed specifically for sealed recombinant batteries, maintenance-free, electric vehicles, automotive starting batteries, motorcycle and for stationary application.

B. DUMAS Recomat® separators have the following characteristics:

  • high chemical purity
  • less than 3% acid weight loss
  • high porosity and excellent electrolyte absorption (900 to 1100%)
  • high dimensional stability providing consistent mechanical properties
  • extremely low ohmic resistance
  • available in thickness from 0,7 to 3,5 mm (at 10 kPa pressure).

- Recomat® products range

1) Recomat® AGM Separators

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Series 2000, basic separator, 100% glass mat, designed for all types of SLA recombinant batteries, maintenance-free, stationary application in emergency lighting system, telephone exchange, ships, electric appliance, etc.

Series 6000, special separator consisting of glass microfibres and organic synthetic microfibres, sealable by high-frequency, ultra-sound or simple pressure without temperature, to produce envelopes in standard staking machines for SLA automotive starting batteries.

Series 15000, is a microfibre glass separator with synthetic fibre suitable for all kind of VRLA batteries, such as UPS, Industrial and Traction batteries.

Series 7000, is a 100% microfibres glass separator with improved properties to be used in the most demanding applications, such as VRLA batteries for electric vehicles, submarine and start-and-stop automotive batteries.

2) Recomat® Pasting glass paper

Series 10000 is a 100% microfibres glass paper, acid resistant, to be used as pasting paper for the grid of all kind of AGM batteries.
The Series 10000 provides a typical specific surface area of 2 m2/g.

Series 9000 is a pasting paper made of a unique blend of microfibres glass and synthetic fibers to be used on pasted plates of all kind of AGM batteries.
The Series 9000 provides a typical specific surface area of 1.5 m2/g.


Additional technical information and test methods are available on request.

Structure of a reference

Each reference expresses the thickness of a determined series under a defined pressure

The most two frequent pressures applied on AGM in the world are:

  • 10 Kpa: we use the roman figure "X" for 10

  • 20 Kpa: we use the roman figure "XX" for 20

Thickness under 10 Kpa pressure

Thickness under 20 Kpa pressure

The first digit refers to the Series of the paper (series 2000, series 6000, s. 7000 … )
The last 3 digits express the thickness of the paper in millimetres
The final letter, "P" stands for pressure in Kpa.

We will be glad to receive your inquiries (please use the FEEDBACK FORM in this web site) on specific sizes and thicknesses currently used at your plant; this will enable us to submit our best offer including a shipment of free of charge samples, to be made in accordance with your specific requirements.

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