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Lead battery recycling plants

Termar S.r.l. thanks to its considerable experience gained in 35 years of activity in the battery industry is in a position to offer custom made plants to recover valuable materials as lead, plastics and acid from scrap lead-acid batteries, meeting the most stringent enviromental laws.

A highly experienced technical team together with a consistent technological updating enable us to design custom-made equipments and plants and offer reliable solutions to satisfy the specific requirements of individual clients.

Machines, equipments or part of recovery plants can be installed in existing manufacturing plants.
We may offer either complete recycling lines of any size and single units/equipment including battery breaker, desulphurization and crystallization, rotary furnaces, refining kettle, lead pumps and agitators, ingot casting line, sanitary air and water treatment systems, plastic upgrading line etc.

As a reference we have a list of 27 plants in Europe, 8 plants in North America, 9 plants in Russia and CIS, 8 plants in China, 2 plants in Japan and Korea, 6 plants in Australia, UAE, KSA, North Africa, Cuba, Venezuela for a total design capacity of more than 3.600.000 ton/year of recycled batteries.

All these plants are working with full satisfaction of our customers. This is our goal and we are proud of this achievement.


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