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Products for the Battery Industry:

The aim of the world’s leading industrial battery manufacturers is the construction of a product with considerably increased performance and with a longer trouble-free life in the most extreme conditions ranging from arctic to tropical.

Research and Development teams are well aware one of the secrets of high performance traction batteries is tubular plates made with reliable materials and high quality gauntlets.

Throughout the past years, TERGAR have pioneered many fundamental changes in multitubular gauntlet technology and has supplied the Battery Industry with many million of woven gauntlets, which proved to meet the most stringent quality requirements.

TERGAR's team has been known as one of the leaders in the tubular gauntlets Industry for the quality product we manufacture and the service we provide. A modern production facility, designed and developed by TERGAR, manufactures gauntlets to the most exacting of customers’ quality and reliability specifications; we are now in a position to offer a complete range of gauntlets, depending on customer’s needs: engineered woven and non-woven gauntlets

HD-1416 woven gauntlets with engineered fabric structure offer higher resistance to chemical oxidation, better energy utilisation due to enhanced elastic compression of the active material, and longer trouble-free battery life. It is therefore specially recommended for Heavy Duty applications where the reduced internal resistance and the strong fabric structure results in improved performance with higher capacity.
HD-1416 engineered woven gauntlets main characteristics are:

  • Easy filling with paste or powder thanks to the peculiar hardness of the tube
  • Strong and elastic structure and no lack of stability even in heavy duty application and in high temperature
  • High porosity
  • Low electrical resistance even with a close fabric structure
  • High mechanical strength (over 40 N/cm in both directions)and controlled elasticity
  • Very high resistance to the oxidation

More exhaustive information about woven gauntlets is available in the article G. Terzaghi "Engineered woven gauntlets to improve the performance of tubular plates" Journal of Power Sources 73 (1998)78-85


1. Characteristics 1. Verzeichnis 1. Caracteristicas  
1.1 Woven pluritubular gauntlet, type "HD", 75% high tenacity polyester, high torsion, continuos filament yarns with protective resin coating. 1.1 Halbsteife Röhrchentasche Type "HD" gewebt aus 75% Hochfestes Polyester Multifilamentgarn 1.1 Funda multi-tubular semirigida tipo "HD" obtenida mediante tela tejida con el 75% de hilo continuo de poliéster de alta tenacidad, torcido y resinado  
1.2 Color: natural white 1.2 Farbe: naturweiss 1.2 Color: blanco natural  
1.3 Resin coating: the gauntlet is impregnated with 19% (TERGAR formulation) synthetic resin 1.3 Harzdeckung: die Tasche wird von TERGAR mit mindestens 19% imprägniert 1.3 Impregnación de resina: la funda se impregna con un 19% minimo de resina sintética (formula de TERGAR)  

1.4 Fabric structure: the composition of the tube wall is:

yarns per cm. (Crosswise)

yarns per cm. (Lengthwise)

1.4 Das Gewebe der Röhrchen Wand hat folgende Zusammensetzung:

Fadenzahl pro cm. (Querrichtung) - Kette

Fadenzahl pro cm (Längsrichtung)-Schuss

1.4 Estructura: la composiciòn de la pared del tubo es:

número de hilos por cm (trasversal)

número de hilos por cm (longitudinal)



1.5 Wall thickness of the tube 1.5 Wanddicke 1.5 Espesor de la pared de tubo 0,3 mm
1.6 Weight per linear meter of tube 1.6 Gewicht pro Linearmeter Röhrchen 1.6 Peso por metro linear de tubo 6,2 g
1.7 Weight per square meter of standard gauntlet 1.7 Gewicht pro Quadratmeter Röhrchen 1.7 Peso por metro cuadrado de funda 630 g
2. Standard Sizes 2 Abmessungen 2 Dimensiones  

2.1 Standard internal diameters.

Other diameters or shapes are available on request

2.1 Standard Innendurchmesser.

Verschiedene Formen und Durchmesser auf Wunsch

2.1 Diámetros internos estándard.

Otras dimensiónes son disponibles à pedido

8,0 - 8,2

8,4 - 8,7 mm

2.2 Number of tubes: to Customer specification 2.2 Röhrchenanzahl: beliebig 2.2 Número de tubos: à pedino  
2.3 Tube pitch, referred to standard diameters 2.3 Abstand zwischen den Röhrchen, auf Standarddurchmesser bezogen 2.3 Paso entre tubos con referencia a los diámetros estándard 9,7 mm
2.4 Maximum gauntlet length 2.4 Maximalhöhe der Tasche 2.4 Altura máxima de la funda 2.200mm

2.5 Lateral finishes:

simple cut

side protection

2.5 Seitenabschluss:

simple cut

side protection

2.5 Acabados laterales:

contado simple

protección lateral


C or T


3 Chemical and Physical Data 3 Physikalische und Chemische Angaben 3 Características Químico - Físicas  
3.1 Bursting strength of the tube 3.1 Berstfestigkeit 3.1 Resistencia a la rotura por sobrepresión > 30 bars
3.2 Increase of outside diameter of the tube at 8 bar of internal pressure 3.2 Zunhame des Aussendurchmessers des Röhrchen 3.2 Aumento del diámetro ext. del tubo sometido a una presión int. de 8 bar < 2%
3.3 Mechanical stress cycling test: number of cycles 3.3 Ermüdungstest: Zyklen 3.3 Ensayo de fatiga: número de ciclos que deben superar >200.000
3.4 Electrical resistance of the wall tube 3.4 Elektrischer Widerstand 3.4 Resistencia eléctrica 0,35 Ω cm²
3.5 Chlorine and derivates: absent 3.5 Chlor und Derivate: Abwesend 3.5 Cloro: exento  

3.6 Tensile strength

Crosswise (one cm of gauntlet)

Lengthwise(one cm of tube wall)

3.6 Zugfestigkeit

Querrichtung (ein cm von Tasche)

Langsrichtung(Streife von Röhrswand)

3.6 Resistencia la tracción

transversal (por cm de funda)

longitudinal(banda de 1 cm de pared)


60 daN

40 daN

3.7 "Reflux Test", hours 3.7 Rückflusstest, Stunden 3.7 "Reflux Test", horas 47 ± 2
3.8 Battery test. Life - time in charge and discharge cycling test (DIN 43539), cycles 3.8 Batterietest. Leben-sdauern in Lade Entladezyklen Test (DIN 43539), Zyklen 3.8 Ensayo en batería. Ciclos de carga y descarga (DIN 43539), ciclos > 1.800
4 Tolerances 4 Zulaessige Toleranzen 4 Tolerancias  
4.1 Tube diameter 4.1 Innendurchmesser 4.1 Diámetro del tubo -0 +0,15 mm
4.2 Gauntlet height 4.2 Länge der Taschen 4.2 Altura de la funda ± 0,5 mm
4.3 Gauntlet width 4.3 Breite der Taschen 4.3 Anchura de la funda ± 1%
4.4 Tubes' pitch 4.4 Abstand zwischen den Röhrchen 4.4 Paso entre tubos ± 1%
4.5 Electrical resistance 4.5 Elektrischer Widerstand 4.5 Resistencia eléctrica ± 0,05 Ω cm²

NW150 non-woven gauntlets have been developed to provide the market with a cheaper product.
NW150 non-woven gauntlets main characteristics are:

  • good active material retention
  • very low shedding
  • fine pore structure
  • specially suitable for all wet filling methods (slurry and paste)

Improved technology and our patented production process grant our gauntlets the reliability and consistent performance you expect from an experienced leading supplier, and enable us to offer a premium quality product at a very competitive price.

We will be glad to receive your inquiries (please use the FEED BACK FORM in this web site) on specific sizes and diameters currently used at your plant; we will be than able to submit also our best offer with a free of charge sample shipment to be made in accordance with your specific requirements


1. Characteristics 1. Verzeichnis 1. Caracteristicas  
1.1 Material: 2 layers of point-sealed non-woven fabric binded by stitch. Natural unbleached fabric composed by polyester fibers, treated with protective synthetic resin, sewed with polyester sewing thread 1.1 Material: 2 Lagen eines punktförmig verdichtetes Vliesmaterials mittels Nähten verbunden. Unbehandeltes, nicht gebleichtes Stoff hergestellt aus Polyesterfasern, mit einem schützenden, synthetischen Harz versehen und mit einem Polyesterfaden vernäht 1.1 Material: 2 capas de tejido unidas por costuras.Tejido de color natural compuesto de fibra de poliéster, tratado con resina sintética protectora, cosido con hilo de poliéster.  
1.2 Color: natural white 1.2 Farbe: naturweiss 1.2 Color: blanco natural  
1.3 Resin content: 1.3 Harzdeckung: 1.3 Impregnación de resina 18 ± 1%
1.4 Wall thickness of the tube 1.4 Wanddicke 1.4 Espesor de la pared de tubo 0,6 mm
1.5 Weight per linear meter of tube 1.5 Gewicht pro Linearmeter Röhrchen 1.5 Peso por metro linear de tubo 4,9 g
1.6 Weight per square meter of standard gauntlet 1.6 Gewicht pro Quadratmeter Röhrchen 1.6 Peso por metro cuadrado de funda 500 g
2 Standard Sizes 2 Abmessungen 2 Dimensiones  
2.1 Standard internal diameters 2.1 Standard Innendurchmesser 2.1 Diámetros internos estándard 8,0-8,2-8,4 mm
2.2 Number of tubes per gauntlet 2.2 Röhrchenanzahl 2.2 Número de tubos de la funda 19
2.3 Tube pitch for standard diameters 2.3 Abstand zwischen den Röhrschen 2.3 Paso entre tubos con referencia à los diámetros estándard 9,6 or 9,7 mm
2.4 Maximum gauntet length 2.4 Maximalhöhe der Tasche 2.4 Altura máxima de la funda 600 mm
3 Tolerances 3 Zulaessige Toleranzen 3 Tolerancias  
3.1 Tube diameter 3.1 Innendurchmesser 3.1 Diámetro del tubo -0 +0,15 mm
3.2 Gauntlet length 3.2 Länge der Taschen 3.2 Altura de la funda ± 1,0 mm
3.3 Gauntlet width 3.3 Breite der Taschen 3.3 Anchura de la funda ± 1,5%
3.4 Tubes' pitch 3.4 Abstand zwischen den Röhrschen 3.4 Paso entre tubos ± 1,5%
3.5 Electrical resistance 3.5 Elektrischer Widerstand 3.5 Resistencia eléctrica  0,30 Ω cm² ± 0,05

The above data are given for information only.

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