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ALUBELTS by I.T.B. are endless conveyor belts for high temperature, specially designed for the aluminium industry.

Since the beginning of the century I.T.B. has been manufacturing fabrics and endless conveyor belts which are used in various industrial fields.


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The experience acquired so far, as well as custom-built equipment, now enables TERMAR to offer the extrusion industry the high-tech ALUBELTS for cooling tables of extrusion presses.

ALUBELTS, used in the hot part of the cooling beds, have unique characteristics:

  • Heat resistant up to 550° C;
  • No elongation under high tension and heavy load;
  • No seam, splice or joints: no breaks due to weak zone
  • High density structure;
  • Smooth and even belt surface: scratch-free extrusions
  • Excellent belt tracking on the cooling table;
  • Capability of withstanding high temperatures thanks to a batt of aramidic fibres needled on an endless base fabric;
  • Low heat conductivity and high density with good wear resistance and impact resistance property under heavy conditions;
  • No generation of decomposed gases nor deposition to the extruded product through melting;
  • The belt is woven endless, and therefore needs no further seam or splice.
The ALUBELT® range includes three different types of belts (all endless) for use according to the position in the cooling bed, depending on the maximum temperature to withstand (up to 550°C).

More than 50 presses world-wide have been equipped with ALUBELTS® manufactured in Italy, with their full satisfaction, and TERMAR is now in a position to supply a newly improved product to meet the most exigent requirements of our customers.

We can offer the following types of ALUBELTS:

1) ALUBELT POLYESTER heat resistant up to 170°C

2) ALUBELT NOMEX resistant up to 220°C

3) ALUBELT TW heat resistant up to 550°C

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For more information on ALUBELTS®, please use the FEEDBACK FORM in this web site; we will be pleased to meet your specific requirement.

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